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Luna Vaporiser 

Tec 3 Style


  • Compact wick system for increased drug capacity.

  • Amount of anaesthetic drug to fully charge the vaporiser 150ml

  • Weight is 4.5kg. Size is 185mm x 140mm x 135mm.

Ilios Vaporiser 


  • Compact Wick system for increased drug capacity

  • One piece sump

  • Amount of Anaesthetic Drug to fully charge the vaporiser = 250-300ml

  • Weight is 5.5kg, Size is 185mm x 140mm x 135mm

  • Diaphragm mechanism

  • Dial control knob

  • Filler & level indicator


  • Each vaporiser is calibrated individually at 3lpm
    with a dial engraved specifically for that calibration.

  • All vaporisers are calibrated to the requested drug type using the latest technology.


  • One-piece sump for added strength.

  • Manufactured in light weight aluminium and coated appropriately for aluminium.

  • Comes with a 3+ year manufacturing guarantee.


  • Safety lock to help prevent accidental turn on of dial.

  • Key fill options available as well as adaptors for pour fill.
    We do NOT provide quick fill adaptors, but do offer Quick Fill vaporisers.

  • Unique colour coded parts to ensure the correct drug is used in the vaporiser.

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