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A full set up available in different styles to accommodate any location (and budget).


All our machines come with a flow meter, O² flush, 5/8 bracket, hose and wheels/fittings. However breathing systems due to the large variety available and breathing bags are not included.


Please note that your vaporiser and absorber must be ordered additionally.

All machines are compatible with the following vaporisers:

  • Apollo

  • Athena

  • Jupiter

  • Luna

Aphrodite Table Top
This one can be mounted on the wall if required. Please ensure you request the appropriate mounting screws when placing your order and ensure the wall chosen is appropriate for the fulll weight of the machine.
Norvap Table Top
Featuring a "handle", this table top is easy to move from one location to another and ideal for filling the vaporiser in a well ventilated room before lifting and moving the machine into the theatre.
Wheels, pole and top come packaged separately if needed for ease of shipping. Full instructions provided for assembly. This machine is also practical for smaller locations.
Featuring a removable tray and two bottle chambers complete with chains. Dimensions are 570 mm x 540mm wide and 1345mm high.
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