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  • If you are purchasing a Key Fill vaporiser, your user is going to need a Key Fill adaptor.
  • If you are purchasing a Pour Fill/Screw Fill vaporiser, it is not necessary but we DO advise to purchase a Pour Fill adaptor to ensure the vaporiser is topped up safely.
  • With a Quick Fill vaporiser, you will need to use a specific brand of anaesthetic agent to allow you to fill the vaporiser. Norvapint do not supply this type of adaptor.
Anti-spill Adaptor.jpg
Pour Fill
Key Fill
  • Add to mobile or wall mounted anaesthesia machine for use with models exceeding 15kg.
  • Allows gas from the machine to circulate through absorbent material removing carbon dioxide, then returns the anaesthetic gas back to the patient.
  • Removable components for easy cleaning.
  • Enclosed anti-pollution valve to capture and vent waste anaesthetic gases.
  • Direct-reading manometer to monitor pressure in the breathing circuit.
circle 2.jpg
Male & Female Connectors
  • Male / female

  • 23mm

  • Black plastic/Metal options

male and female.png
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